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Started in 2012, Bushfire Kitchen is a local family owned-and-operated restaurant. It was founded by two cousins, a chef and an entrepreneur. Working together, they wanted to create a restaurant they’d bring their family to; something with healthy choices, quality ingredients, and a reasonable price. Having both lived in Australia, South Africa, Canada, and now Southern California, they brought an eclectic taste and a passion for service to their new restaurant. Temecula was home to the first Bushfire, commonly known in the community as Bushfire Grill. Quickly the local residents came to know us for top-quality healthy comfort food served quickly and affordably.

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Our Food

Ensuring the best quality and freshness, just about everything we serve is made from scratch at Bushfire Kitchen. We source the best ingredients that do not use any preservatives, food colorings, or flavor enhancers. The produce is GMO-free and organic as much as possible, and all meat is humanely raised without antibiotics or hormones.
Grass-Fed Beef: Pasture-raised Midwestern cows raised solely on native vegetation. USDA Certified Choice+, Never-Ever (antibiotic & hormone free), young cattle (24-30 months)
Free-Range Chicken: Chickens raised the old-fashioned way, with plenty of space in sunny California and a GMO-free diet. USDA Certified All Natural, Never-Ever (antibiotic free), Free-Range
Antibiotic-Free Pork: Domestic Duroc naturally raised and fed a 100% vegetarian diet. Free of antibiotics, hormones, fillers, and extenders
Local & Organic Produce: working with local farms as much as possible to source fresh, high quality, seasonal ingredients